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Nanomodified metals and alloys

Casting customized items, developing special alloys, nanometal master alloys, and nanomodifiers

Developing the technologies of metal modification


Engineering of nanomodifiers and special alloys

The technologies of casting special alloys to substitute imported alloys

The technologies of casting wear-resistant Hadfield steel with a long-term working capacity, heat-resistant cast iron, anti-friction cast iron, high-strength cast iron with high resilience

We have solutions for railways and for the oil industry


We produce casting out of standard alloys: cast iron, bronze, steel, and aluminum up to 100 kg in weight for smaller items and up to 1000 kg in weight for medium-sized items.


Die casting


Sand casting


Center die casting

Customized casting: memorial plaques, figurines, busts, church and decorative bells, and much else..

Technology development

The technology of nanomodification developed by our specialists can be introduced in any production. We offer the following services:

Developing a set of modifiers

Optimizing the technological process of making alloys and casting

Personnel training



Cast iron bronze — is a unique alloy of cast iron and copper, which can replace expensive
bronzes in heavy-duty machines and mechanisms. For its anti-friction characteristics, cast iron bronze is comparable to bronze, and for its durability, it is similar to cast iron.

The technological characteristics:
The technology of producing cast iron bronze is based on the process of finishing modification of synthetic low-silicon iron with a high content of copper (up to 10%) with powders containing ultra- and nanodispersed particles of high-heat ceramic materials.

The material can be used under heavy loads, under conditions of high dust and dirt content


It combines the properties of cast iron and bronze

The material is durable, heat-resistant, has high anti-friction and high plasticity characteristics

The material’s cost is comparable to that of cast iron

The price of cast iron bronze is close to that of cast iron: it is about 170,000 rubles per ton (compare the price of bronze: up to 550,000 rubles per ton).

The technology of the material’s production can easily fit the existing production chains


The examples of its application:

Parts of heavy-duty machines and mechanisms (excavators, grinders, conveyor belts, mining machines): collars, inserts, rollers.



The modified 110H13L steel having advanced technological characteristics is capable of replacing conventional Hadfield steel in manufacturing critical casts (crusher jaws, bucket teeth and front walls, point switches, etc.).

The technological characteristics:

All-round modification of 110H13L steel includes deoxidization (in a ladle) and mould modification with nanosize particles of high-heat materials.

It is more durable:


it is more technologically advanced (hot cracking decreases)
it is less subject to wear and tear under high specific pressures
the temperature of thermal processing is lower


The examples of its application:

Crushing equipment (crusher jaws and lining)

Large steel works engaged in casting high-manganese steel

Switch works



Nanomodified metals and Alloys Ltd. is an affiliate of the of the nanotechnology center SYGMA.Novosibirsk. A number of projects are now being implemented on the company’s basis, including the technology of producing new grades of anti-friction cast iron, modified Hadfield steel, introduction of carbon nanotubes into metals (including aluminum), steel varieties modified with nanostructured graphitic carbon containing materials, producing nanosize modifiers for different metals and alloys, etc.


Vladimir Svinarenko




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